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Dated: 6th May 2013
Mushko Electronics (Pvt) Ltd. has deployed Pakistan's 1st RTLS in healthcare from Ekahau Inc., at Aga Khan Hospital.


The Aga Khan University Hospital Karachi, Pakistan. (Case Study)

The Aga Khan University Hospital is Pakistan largest private sector healthcare hospital and most prestigious medical university, located in Karachi, Pakistan. In September 2006, AKUH became the 1st hospital in Pakistan and one of the select few teaching hospitals in the world to be awarded Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation for achieving highest international standards in healthcare. Today the University Hospital provides broad range of secondary and tertiary services to over 50,000 hospitalized patients and to approximately 600,000 outpatients annually. The biggest challenge for modern institutes today is the management of moveable assets/ equipment. For example in hospitals, there are thousands of mobile assets e.g. IV Pumps, Incubator Trolleys and other Bio-­medica equipment but where are they when you need them? Mushko has deployed, Pakistan’s 1st RTLS in healthcare from Ekahau Inc., USA. The Ekahau RTLS offers a simple to use, assets and people realtime tracking solution using WiFi embedded tags. System alerts and various system triggers can all be sent to the Ekahau Tags and can be monitored from anywhere. The badge tags for people are two-­way with LCD display to communicate with central control in case of routine Patient-­call or Emergency.

Why Mushko’s RTLS Solution Zero Infrastructure Cost
Mushko’s RTLS utilizes existing WiFi wireless infrastructure thus saves immense capital expenditure in deploying Antennas, Readers and TrackingSensors.

Through RTLS now you can pinpoint an asset or person across your facility and track the movement.

Policies and Alerts
The RTLS provide fully customizable options to interact with your infield assets or staff. You can restrict an asset to level certain premises or staff access policies. It doesn’t get any easier than finding your assets live on any computer screen and track its movement.

Largest Varity of WiFi Tags
A family of different tag for different usecases, all with 2way communication capabilities.

The brain of the RTLS solution, contains the location algorithms, XML API and Java SDK, a sophisticated business rules engine, tag communications and overtheair management of the enterprise wide system. AKUMS The Aga Khan University Hospital Karachi, Pakistan.

The Aga Khan University Hospital is Pakistan largest private sector

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