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Dated: 14th Feb 2013
Seamlessly integrate geographic changes into configurable workflows


Seamlessly integrate geographic changes  
into  configurable workflows

Intergraph® announces the upcoming release of GeoMedia® Smart Client 2013. With updated technology, GeoMedia Smart Client 2013 makes an organization progressive, enabling all users to seamlessly integrate geographic changes into configurable workflows.

With GeoMedia Smart Client, end-users can leverage advanced geospatial functionality via simple-to-use map-based tools, streamlining their processes and honing their expertise. These vibrant geospatial business workflows provide a level of sophistication not supported by legacy out-of-the-box horizontal software products. Workflow optimization and intuitive web editing become a reality embraced across an organization.

Users will now be able to deliver and display raster backdrops based on the Enhanced Compression Wavelet Protocol (ECWP), provided by ERDAS APOLLO Essentials. ECWP is benchmarked as the world's fastest image streaming protocol for image data. As such, customers covering large areas won't have to publish and update the raster backgrounds for different scale ranges anymore.Workflow manager API enhancements include new API commands for faster and more flexible workflow configuration. There is also increased support for geographic coordinates and customer coordinate systems (supporting both Oracle and SQL Server databases).

GeoMedia Smart Client 2013 will be available in three product tiers:

• GeoMedia Smart Client Essentials: Organizations will be able to provide high-end vector redlining functionality plus support for an unlimited number of users. These users will be able to display raster and vector maps, analyze and query data, print, and utilize measurement and dimensioning functions. 

• GeoMedia Smart Client Advantage: Includes all of the features and functionality of GeoMedia Smart Client Essentials, plus the ability to edit data and use predefined business process workflows. The additional Workflow Manager – Runtime module enables users to run pre-built workflows, edit attributes, or capture and change spatial data on the web client and push the changes back to the server database. 

• GeoMedia Smart Client Professional: All of the features and functionality of GeoMedia Smart Client Advantage, as well as the Workflow Manager – Editor module, enabling you to develop your own workflows or revise the structure, process and forms of current ones.

Intergraph is launching Intergraph Geospatial 2013 later this year. The united portfolio includes new releases of GeoMedia, ERDAS IMAGINE, LPS, ImageStation, ERDAS APOLLO, GeoMedia Smart Client, GeoMedia Web Map, Geospatial Portal, and Geospatial SDI. In this modern and dynamic release, users will be able to discover and exploit the wealth of information contained in data from any source, share it rapidly (and securely), and deliver it on demand as reliable and actionable information to drive smarter decisions.

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